Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

An organisation can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by investing in its digital transformation. This can provide faster results, immediate progress, long term prospect as well as the essential flexibility. Such evolution would require the development and implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions, that in turn will enable an organisation to meet today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities. 

How can Interlog support a digital transformation plan?

Having identified the paramount importance of digital transformation, Interlog has formed a strategic partnership, through which we possess deep knowledge in SAP projects on an international level. We have implemented several trophy projects, both in Greece and abroad, covering a wide range of industries and solutions.  

Core SAP Solutions offered include:

  • – Asset Management
  • – Finance
  • – Corporate Strategy
  • – Human Resources
  • – Information Technology
  • – Manufacturing
  • – Marketing
  • – Procurement
  • – R&D
  • – Sales
  • – Service
  • – Supply Chain