Looking for an accountant?

Looking for an accountant?

It is often tempting to assume that the provision of tax and accounting services, is a rather mainstream type of service. However, reconsider what type of services are you getting.  

Can you support the needs of a growing business?

It is crucial that your Accountant has the resources to cope with your growth. Our resources have the capacity and experience to provide you with a full set of services and confidently support you throughout your journey.

Do you have the relevant knowledge?

We strongly focus on our human capital. Our knowledgeable people are constantly trained and updated with any topic related to the tax and accounting framework. Thus, our clients are always timely informed with developments related to their operations.

Who will I be in contact with?

In Interlog we ensure that the services provided are efficient, effective and aligned with the way each business is run. Therefore, each business is assigned to an Account Manager. The Account Manager, supported with a group of people in the back office, has all the skills required to provide support with tax, accounting and consulting matters required. 

What will you charge?

We are a local business with fees which are highly competitive. We deeply respect your entrepreneurial effort and we make sure our services are of added value. 

Will I receive beneficial advice?

If all you need is your books tidied and your accounts submitted, we are happy to support. However, we are in the position to offer you a range of complimentary services, including the following:

  • – In depth guidance on translating what the figures mean in simple business terms.
  • – Consulting on how to grow your business
  • – Support you in raising capital
  • – Liaise and negotiate on your behalf with tax and insurance authorities
  • – Understand every aspect of your business and be on the other end of the phone to support you on a daily basis.

Our experience both as advisors but also as senior industry professionals, enables us to approach all maters with a set of different lenses, providing substantial, practicable and timely solutions.