In the modern fast-moving environment, many companies face the need to proceed with a financial restructuring. Our people have been involved in many restructuring projects, of public and private companies, and have the experience and capabilities to lead this process.

How can Interlog support a restructuring plan?

Whether it is a proactive decision of the Management to proceed with a financial restructuring or be it a request from a financial organisation or public authorities, our people can support you. Reaping the benefits of a vast amount of experience with relevant cases both in Greece and abroad. 

Interlog can support you with a financial restructuring by:

  • – Creating a financial restructuring plan. 
  • – Creating financial models.
  • – Presenting the current debt liabilities and repayment schedules.
  • – Performing a credit risk analysis. 
  • – Analysing debt liabilities and proposing a refinancing plan, after coordinating with the lending banks.
  • – Creating an end to end plan of the restructuring, including potential strategic investments to the refinancing plans of current liabilities.
  • – Creating new repayment schedules, resulting from out of court settlements.
  • – Conducting liquidation plans.