Paying too much tax?

Paying too much tax?

Why pay excessive tax when you can pay your fare share? Every year several organisations pay excessive tax, as a result of poor tax planning.

How much tax should I pay?

If you are not strongly convinced that your tax planning is the optimal, both on an individual and a corporate level, then we are at your disposal to review your tax planning and when required proceed, with a restructuring.

How can I achieve tax savings?

Individuals and businesses often end up paying excessive tax. Below are certain areas, which you might be able to save on tax:  

  1. 1) Income Tax: Are you confident that you are fully taking advantage of all tax reliefs and allowances? 
  2. 2) Corporation Tax: Whether you are running a single company or a group of companies, our tax advisors will assist you in retaining the highest possible profitability levels. 
  3. 3) Tax Planning: The optimal tax planning of your business operations, whether operations are in Greece or overseas, will significantly impact your tax liabilities, which in turn will indirectly affect the value delivered to shareholders.  
  4. 4) Inheritance tax: The proactive tax planning of your valuable assets, whether these are tangible or intangible, could save large amounts of the overall inheritance tax liabilities. 
  5. 5) VAT: Our experts can provide you services related to your VAT needs, which can potentially lead to cash flow efficiencies and in certain cases, to VAT rebates. 
  6. 6) International Tax: Whether you are domiciled in Greece and planning to expand internationally or the opposite, we are in the position to provide advisory services for your tax planning.

Interlog has a pool of knowledgeable resources that you can trust your personal and corporate tax planning to.