Expanding abroad

 Expanding abroad

Whether your company is already operating abroad, or you are currently considering entering the international business market, it is highly probable that there is significant potential and areas of value which remain untapped.

How can I get help with expanding overseas? 

Growing your business abroad involves a serious preparation. Interlog is here to guide you and provide support in areas which include the following:

  • – Understanding the markets overseas.
  • – Representation and support with negotiations and overall communication with your foreign partners.
  • – Preparation of a business plan that can be a base of assessment of the business potential or a specific potential partnership.
  • – Support with negotiations on a shareholding and/or a commercial level.
  • – Coordination with other advisors, including foreign accountants, legal advisors and investment bankers.  
  • – International tax planning, which shall maximize profitability levels.

When carrying out business abroad there are several vital matters that would be easy to miss out. Interlog can provide you with high quality support when expanding your business internationally.